Jean helps businesses get better!

Highly successful businesses invest in doing two things well:

  • They develop leaders at all levels of their organization
  • They establish realistic strategic goals with supporting plans to achieve them

Jean is passionate about both!

As a Chair for Vistage Worldwide for 20+ years, Jean leads four private advisory boards for more than 50 CEOs, company Presidents, business owners and senior executives.

She is a confidential advisor to some of Southwest Ohio’s top companies and frequently works with executive leadership teams to create performance excellence at all levels.

My fellow Vistage team members are my go-to group for trusted carefrontation from fellow leaders on things that matter, both to my business, and my life.

Jean is always available to listen and help solve problems personally and with our Vistage group.

Jean is a wonderful Vistage chair with a seasoned ability to provide us with what we need and could benefit from —- whether we are consciously aware of it or not!

Vistage is a unique safe environment where you can share ideas and concerns as well as ask questions, seek advice, or debate solutions with peers across many sectors.  Over time deep bonds and relationships are formed that amplify the impact of the discussions and learning as well as the depth of topics.

Leadership Development

Great leaders are often described as life-long learners who continuously work on being better. Jean understands and lives this work. Work with her for one-on-one leader development coaching that aligns with the needs of your organization and your team.

As a business leader who mentors people, I frequently find myself starting a leadership conversation with, “One of the wisest people I know, my Vistage chair Jean, once told me…"

I am a better leader because of Jean’s ability to challenge my normal way of thinking. She’s passionate about developing great leaders who impact those they lead to their fullest potential.

What is strategy? 
Why do some companies succeed while others struggle?

Strategic plans are everywhere, but often do not clearly grasp and communicate the basic elements of the organization’s strategy.

As a facilitator for the Stanford Vistage Executive Leadership Program, Jean will challenge your thinking and help you hone a strategy that creates and captures more value and profit than your competitors.  This is a complex undertaking. Jean will think through with you how to successfully innovate, understand and articulate your competitive advantage, and deploy precious resources with care and precision.

Her contributions as a Vistage Chair in her own words: “our members usually have the answers they need somewhere inside - and intentionally listening helps them discover those answers and find the courage to make the hard decisions.”

"If you have a problem Jean is not afraid to jump in and help you tackle it head-on."