At this time of year the most effective leaders are focused on the goals they’re setting for 2015.

As I reflect on my own success with achieving the goals I’ve set (or not!), I find 5 behaviors that hold me back:

  • Not having a clear enough vision for this goal – the “why” is not big enough.  It sounds good to increase revenue by 15%, or lose 20 pounds, or “get more fit.”  But what do those things actually mean?  How will life be different if you accomplish (or don’t accomplish) the goal?  Who will hold you accountable along the way?  Who will be your partners? How will you celebrate if you achieve it?


  • Doing things other people can do, instead of working on YOUR stuff – what only YOU can do.  Until you are willing to let go of the illusion of perfection that comes with doing everything yourself, you will never reach the next rung of that ladder of success.


  • Putting off the change in behavior needed to accomplish the goal.  (“I can start that tomorrow.” “I thought I’d have time to get to the gym today, but I’ll do it for sure tomorrow.”  “My first quarter financials aren’t where they should be, but there’s a good reason, and I still have 9 months to make up that shortfall.”



  • And finally – are you really committed to the personal changes that will come with achieving the goals you’ve set?  My friends, did you know that it’s a common leadership trap to feel in your gut that you’re not worthy, not smart enough, or in some way not deserving of true success? However you may define success, the truth is, you will be different when you achieve it.   Are you ready?

My personal trainer, Mike, has a huge poster in his gym:


Stay tuned for more about the Leadership Trap!