It's lonely at the top.

Jean gets that.

No sounding boards. No confidential discussions where complex questions turn into insightful answers. As an executive coach, strategic consultant and Vistage Best Practice Chair, Jean provides these vital – often missing – tools.


"Jean is 100% behind making anyone she works with a better person and a better leader."
"I like that Jean doesn’t come across as a guru. Instead, she is someone who leads you to the answer."
"Jean is a skilled facilitator who is able to bring focus and clarity to difficult issues."
"…a professional listener who hears between the lines."


Jeanʼs signature is on businesses throughout Greater Cincinnati. Company leaders, spanning more than 50 industries, recognize her influence as they increase profitability, product offerings and market share.

High performers with an open mind and willingness to think and listen boldly will boost their leadership skills and their bottom lines.